Testimonial – Jan and Jess from Berwyn, PA

Jan and her daughter Jess standing and holding a speedbag in Fred Marratto's gym

Jan: Freddy is a highly talented trainer who ensures that each individual is challenged at the appropriate level.

He designs creative, varied workouts so that we continue to learn new skills, work on different areas of our bodies,and stay engaged.

He also has exactly the right level of intensity; making sure we work hard while having a lot of fun and building camaraderie. And, he gets results!

My muscle tone and endurance have improved tremendously during my time working with Freddy. This is a great program for all ages; I started out as a 50+, slightly chubby, and completely out-of-shape mom…and this training has improved all areas, except unfortunately, my age!

Jess: I love Marratto Boxing! It’s a great workout, and so much fun. There’s no better stress reliever than a couple rounds of punching the heavy bag. Freddy is awesome – a great teacher, he always keeps you motivated to do your best. He truly cares about each of his students, and challenges us in new ways each week. I have learned so much from him, got in shape, gained self confidence, improved my boxing skills (practical for self defense!), and had a blast while doing it! I look forward to our workout all week. Thanks Freddy!