Testimonial – Andy from Philadelphia, PA

Andy Stitt working out at the gym wearing boxing gloves

Freddy is the true essence of a teacher. He is clearly passionate about boxing and passing on his knowledge to his students. From proper boxing stance to how to throw different punches to how to defend yourself, he knows it all and knows how to teach it to others.

Freddy has helped me go through a personal health transformation. I came to him after going through a difficult time in my life and wanted to get in shape. I’ve loved watching boxing since I was a kid, so I figured it would be a fun workout. I was right!

In the process of having fun, I also wound up losing 30 pounds. Freddy taught me a ton about health and fitness, and I put in the work to get the results. That’s how a good trainer/student relationship should be.

Freddy is an overall terrific guy in addition to being a terrific teacher and fitness trainer, and I’m proud to recommend him any day of the week!