Fred's boxing student punching a heavy bag

Boxing training and custom workouts designed specifically for your goals.

When you work out with me, you can lose weight, tone up, and punch away stress and fatigue. You’ll also gain confidence and self defense skills.

Here’s just a small sample of what we can do together:

  • Learn to be a competent boxer with dynamite punching skills
  • Catapult your cardio conditioning to increase your stamina and crush weight loss goals!
  • Strengthen your entire body with consistent body weight calisthenics
  • Improve balance, outlook, and CONFIDENCE!
  • Many other workouts to develop technique, speed, and power!
Fred's boxing student throwing a punch and stepping into an agility ladder

You’ll get a complete training experience just like the old school boxing greats did.

You can read what my students think of their training experience with me.

Pricing: $60 per hour. Most training sessions are one hour long.

Other Services

  • Corporate Training
  • Consultation
  • Professional and Amateur Fighter Assessments Virtually

Pricing: Call or email Freddy for details

Ready for a life changing experience? Get started now!